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UMES Professional Football Players

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1957 Baltimore Colts  John B. “Red Ball” Sample

1956 Cleveland Browns Sherman “The Gentle Giant or Tank” Plunkett

1960 Winnepeg Rough Riders (CFL) Vernon Vaughn

1960 Detroit Lions Roger “Nyack” Brown

1960 New York Jets Harold “House” Gray

1961 Denver Broncos John Hobbs

1961 Saskatchewan Rough Riders (CFL) William “Shorty” Gray

1962 Baltimore Colts Charles Julius “Crunch & Ramrod” Holmes

1963 New York Giants Robert “Bob” Taylor

1965 Green Bay Packers Doug Goodwin

1965 Detroit Lions John Wesley Smith

1965 Philadelphia Eagles James “Jim” Wallace

1966 New York Jets Emerson “Booz” Boozer

1966 Chicago Bears Curtis “Curt” Gentry

1967 New York Jets Earl “All World” Christy

1967 Baltimore Colts Charles “Charlie” Stukes

1968 Oakland Raiders Art Shell NFL Hall of Fame

1968 Pittsburgh Steelers Marshall “Crooper” Cropper

1968 Baltimore Colts James “Butch” Duncan

1968 San Francisco 49ers William “Bill” Belk

1968 New York Jets Bob Taylor

1969 Denver Broncos William “Billy” Thompson

1969 Pittsburgh Steelers Elvin Williams

1970 Oakland Raiders Gerald Irons

1970 Oakland Raiders Arthur “Art” Laster

1970 Washington Redskins Mack Alston       

1971 Atlanta Falcons Willie Belton

1972 Denver Broncos Richard Wilkins

1976 Philadelphia Eagles Carl Hairston

1977 Washington Federals (USFL) Edward Jackson

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